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 1. Dress and general appearance of the students must be in good taste.

2. Smoking, drinking, eating/ consuming tobacco, talab, khaini, kwai, using of mobile phone or           eve-teasing in any form is strictly prohibited in the college and any student indulging in any             such activity will be suitably punished. Possession of marker pen/indelible ink is prohibited.
3. Communal harmony is to be preserved and fostered by word and deed.
4. Students are not change form one stream to another during the academic year. Changing of         subjects will not be allowed once ONE MONTH OF CLASS has been completed.
5. Students wishing to take a transfer certificate during the year have to clear all college dues             up to the end of the Academic Year.
6. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
7. Each student must have College Identity Card which may be purchased from the college for           Rs. 100/-. The Identity Card is to be brought to the college every day. ONLY ONE DUPLICATE         identity card may be applied for during the course(two years). This will only be issued after             the student satisfies the college authorities that the original has been lost. The cost of a                duplicate identity Card will be Rs. 100/-
8. Students must read the Notice Board everyday. Ignorance of any notification, such as tests,             examinations, special classes etc., will not be accepted as an excuse for not performing a             required activity.
9. Students shall maintain perfect silence in class rooms and should not loiter in the corridors           or speak loudly near other class rooms, library and office premises.
10. Disciplinary action will be taken against any student who causes damage to college property        or defaces the walls, classrooms and toilets. Desks and benches must not ne taken outside        the class rooms. Intentional damages will have to be paid in full with a fine.
11. Students should abide by the rules, conduct and discipline inside the college. “Ragging” is             strictly prohibited. Infractions of good conduct and behavior will lead to suspension/                         expulsion of the student from the college.
12. No Society or Association can be formed by students in the college without the permission of         the Principal nor shall any person be invited to address a meeting in the college premises             without the prior permission of the Principal.
13. No Poster/ Banners/ Notice/ Pamphlets etc will be placed/ pasted/distributed without prior               permission of the Principal.
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