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 All Students must conform to the following dress code requirements:

1. Torn clothing is not allowed.
2. No head gear( i.e. hats, caps, skullcaps, scarves, bandanas) is to be worn in college unless  approved by the authorities for a special occasion, program or unless there is a medical  justification.
3. No sunglasses are to be worn unless there is a medical justification.
4. Heavy, full length outerwear  such as “dusters and trench coats” are prohibited.
5. Dangling chains will not be permitted. This includes chains attached to wallets, footwear and backpacks.
6. Visible body piercing jewllery/ accessories is prohibited.
7. No tattoos.
8. Semi-formal/formal footwear is to be worn. Hawaii/ Bathroom slippers/ House Slippers, Flip-flops, Steel Boots are not allowed.
9. T-Shirts/Jackets, etc., when worn should not have abusive or other objectionable language/picture printed on them.
10. Boys must wear full length trousers. Baggies, low-rise or loose-fit pants are not permitted. All pants shall be worn at the waist. No visible draw string are allowed on pants. Pockets of pants, skirts must be standard front pockets.
11. Boy’s shirts/ T- shirts must either be half-sleeved or full sleeved.
12. Girls blouses should be sleeved fall well below the waistline, be modestly cut and not transparent.
13. Girls may not wear half or mid-length pants.
14. Girl’s dress/skirts must be of length which maintains modesty. Short, skirts and jumpers/dresses must be no shorter than three inches above the knee. Slits on garments can be no more than 3 inches above the knee.
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